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The Civil Fleet Podcast

Jan 21, 2022

In today's episode we speak with Clare Moseley, the founder of Care4Calais, a volunteer-run charity working with refugees in the UK, France and Belgium.

She talks to us about the charity's joint legal challenge with the Public and Commerical Services (PCS) Union against the UK government's proposed policy of pushing asylum seekers crossing the Channel back to France.

Clare also tells us about the dire situation people stuck in Calais face every day, and how this systematic abuse only serves to further damage already-traumatised people.

--- Show notes ---

For more on Care4Calais, visit their website here:

You can donate to Care4Calais here:

Care4Calais and PCS's legal fundraiser can be found here:

For more on the PCS Union, visit:

Follow Care4Calais on Twitter here: @Care4Calais

As well as Care4Calais and PCS, Channel Rescue and Freedom from Torture are also taking the UK government to court over the government's plans to push asylum seekers back to France.

Here's a link to a story on The Civil Fleet on the possibility that the UK Border Force has already begun pushbacks in the Channel:

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