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The Civil Fleet Podcast

Jul 10, 2022

In this episode, we hear from Alice and Hamid from Borderline Lesvos about their work on the island running a welcome centre for registered refugees.

They tell us how the NGO helps people adjust to life on the island, and helps them with things like bureaucracy, housing and the Greek language.

We hear about Moria camp 2, and how the kids languishing inside there are struggling with their mental health.

They also speak about the dwindling numbers of refugees on the island, the illegal practice of refugee pushbacks, and how the authorities may in fact be employing the mafia to do this. 

And they also discuss how the state is criminalising refugees on some truly ridiculous grounds. In fact, Hamid, a refugee himself, tells us how he was imprisoned for two years for something he didn't do. 

---Show notes---

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