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The Civil Fleet Podcast

Apr 21, 2023

In today's episode, we speak with migrant rights campaigner and policy expert Zoe Gardener about the UK's Illegal Migration Bill
Zoe tells us how the government plans to reject the asylum applications for anyone who enters the country irregularly, including victims of trafficking and slavery, to house them in old military bases, and to deport them to a third country. 
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---Show Notes---
You can follow Zoe on Twitter here: @ZoeJardiniere
Zoe's articles on Open Democracy can be found here:
Watch Zoe explain to British politicians how the government's Nationality and Borders Bill will not only cause suffering and injustice, but will not work in its aim to end irregular migrant journeys to the UK, here:
You can find Zoe's YouTube channel here:
What to know more about the Overton Window? Here's a good (but very US-focused) explanation of it by Vox:
For more of The Civil Fleet Podcast's UK-focused interviews, check out episodes 32 with journalist Bethany Rielly, 25 with Syrian refugee Hasan, 21 with Doctors Without Borders UK advocacy officer Sophie McCann, 17 with Care4Calais founder Clare Moseley, and 11 with Channel Rescue activist Kim.
This report in the Independent newspaper reveals how asylum seekers were forced onto the deportation flight to Rwanda and restrained: 
Read this Guardian report on Privilege Style airline pulling out of the UK government's scheme to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda:
Check out this story in Huck Magazine on how a campaign led by ex-torture survivors and refugee organisations left the Tories with no planes to carry out their Rwanda deportations:
For more on the UK government's deportation deals with private airlines, see this excellent expose 
On the topic of asylum seeker hotels, The Civil Fleet exposed how deaths in the Home Office's asylum-seeker accommodation more than doubled in 2022: 
The Illegal Migration Bill was launched in March 2023. You can follow its process through Parliament and the House of Lords (the UK's unelected upper chamber of government) here: 
For more on the UK's Hostile Environment policies, see this report by left-wing think tank IPPR:
Zoe briefly mentions Britain's Windrush scandal in this episode. For more on that, see this excellent explaination by the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants, here: 
She also mentions the UK's rivers, lakes and beaches being covered in raw sewage. Read Surfers Against Sewage's summation of the scandal, here:
UK will give France nearly half a billion pounds in major push to solve small boats crisis: 
The full quote by the late David Graber that Ben paraphrases at the end of the episode is this: “The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make, and could just as easily make differently.”
Finally, here's a short video report I worked o the Illegal Migration Bill for the Morning Star newspaper: